Second Hand Saddles

Welcome to our huge range of Second Hand Saddles.   If you need advise please give us a call on  (01347) 810443
and ask to speak to one of our saddle fitters. Outside hours leave a message or drop us an email with your requirements and 
somebody will get back to you as soon as possible.

You can order one or more saddles to try at your convenience. If not suitable we will get them collected from you for a small
charge of £5.20, and then refund the saddle prices back on to your credit card. Want to sell your saddle?

Want to sell your saddle?

Ride-Away purchase for cash or part exchange saddles.

We require good quality English made saddles of modern style and in good condition. (Not too old) If you are unable to     travel to our store to have them inspected for a valuation we can collect via our courier service at a charge of £5.20. 
We will inspect all saddles for soundness and quality before advising on a quote, your saddle will be despatched back out to you via our couier service at a further charge of £5.20.

It is advisable to email pictures of your saddle to Ride-Away ( before arranging a collection so that we can advise if we would be interested. Please also state an approx age, model/brand, your perceived value. (If its too high we will not persue as we dont won"t to waste time and money) Please remember we will be re-selling your saddle,  so the offer will be at a Trade Price.

Unfortunately, Ride-Away do not purchase second hand synthetic saddles. 
If you require further help or advice please contact Amanda, Stephen or Jo from our saddlery department.
We consider part excange on second hand leather saddles against the purchase of new
General Purpose & Event Jumping Saddles
Working Hunter Show & Dressage Second Hand Saddles

In a perfect world, everyone would have a brand new saddle for their horse, but we understand that, sometimes, budget doesn’t allow this or you’re looking for something very specific…and that’s why we sell second hand saddles.


We supply a range of general purpose (GP), jumping, dressage, event and show saddles for adults and children from some of the best-known saddlemakers in the world. These are offered at great prices because they are second hand, but you could bag yourself a bargain at the same time as getting a brilliant saddle to fit your horse.


If you’re looking to buy a new saddle, don’t forget that we consider part exchange on second hand leather saddles, which can be used towards the purchase of something new. 

Live to ride.