Horse Equipment for the Field, Stable and Yard

Stable Equipment
Haynets & Bags
Grooming Equipment
Electric Fencing
Farriery Tools, Studs & Pads
First Aid Kits
Measuring Sticks & Tapes
Dressage & Showjump Markers
Jump Poll Rolls & Cups
Twitches, Muzzles
Horse Toys


In this selection, you’ll find all you need for the field, yard and stable, to make any task based in these areas a lot easier.


For the field, we have a great range of electric fencing to help keep your horse where he should be and not where he shouldn’t! Easy to use and fast to install, electric fencing is a very valuable ally.


For the stable, we have a great range of stable equipment, such as mucking out tools and haynets. We also have horse toys to help occupy your equine during time in his stable.


For the yard, we have tack room must haves in the form of grooming kits, twitches, muzzles and first aid products as well as farriery tools, measuring tapes and sticks. For the arena, we have dressage and showjump markers and jump cups too.


We also have a great range of clippers, trimmers, blades and accessories to keep your horse looking smart all year round.

Live to ride.