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Whatever kind of horse you own, the chances are that he’ll have at least one rug…although he probably has a whole wardrobe! The good news for you is that we’ve handpicked the best rugs from leading brands from across the world…so you have a superb selection to choose from, whatever your budget.


For time in the field, our range of turnout rugs is second to none. If you’re looking for a heavyweight turnout for the coldest days of winter or a lightweight to keep mud away during wet summer days, we have it here.


For the stable, our range of stable rugs caters for all horses, with standard necks and full combos in a variety of different weights. We also have a great selection of under rugs for the coldest days.


For after exercise, time in the lorry or trailer or in the stable, check out our collection of coolers, day rugs and summer sheets. In a range of gorgeous colours, to suit all budgets, we’re confident we have something for everyone.


If you clip your horse in the winter or he feels the cold when being ridden, make sure you look at our collection of exercise sheets. If you want to keep him warm and dry when you ride, we have the solution.


For the summer, make sure you visit our fly sheets and fly masks section. Stocking the latest styles at great prices, we have superb range for those who are bothered by flies and bugs.


We also stock a range of rug accessories, like neck covers to transform a standard rug into a combo and anti rub vests and hoods too.

Live to ride.