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Woof Wear - Yard Boots

This well known brand has been around almost as long as Ride-Away! As well as the original brushing boot Woof Wear makes boots and bandages that protect nearly all of horses lower leg - the knee, hock, tendon, fetlock, pastern and heels - during turn-out, exercise, travel and competition. The human boots and gloves need serious consideration too. They are very popular and great value.
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Mucker boots are ideal for the yard work, to help keep feet warm and dry, thanks to the waterproof section at the bottom of the boot.

In this area, we have some great mucker style boots from brands like Shires, Mountain Horse, Sherwood Forest, Harry Hall and Woof Wear. Across the range there are many variations from patterned muckers to fleece lined muckers and faux fur trim muckers. The choice is yours.

Live to ride.