A guide to clipper maintenance

Lubrication of blades . .

During clipping, apply Clipper Oil at the start and after every 10 minutes of use.

Periodically apply Blade Wash to remove excess grease and cut-hair.

Blades should be removed from the clipper after use, cleaned and oiled before storage.

Storage . .

Clippers are both expensive and, if not correctly maintained, could be potentially dangerous. Sound maintenance is essential for safety and good clipping.
If the clipper is used on a regular basis i.e. (on a large yard, or by a contract clipper) then the clipper should be serviced once a year, although all clippers should be checked yearly for electrical safety. Clippers should be sent to a reputable company to be serviced, checked for safety or to have the blades sharpened. Clippers and blades should be stored in a clean, dry and secure environment. The Clippers should be cleaned of hair and grease, and the blades should be cleaned with Blade Wash, wiped dry, then oiled and stored in the blade box.

Tensioning . .

Often, whilst clipping, people over-tension the clippers, causing excessive heat and wear on the motor. As a guide turn the tensio screw clockwise until it slightly slows the motor. If it still does not cut tighten a little more until it does. Some clippers have an overload switch that cuts out if the motor is overloaded by excess tensioning or blade blockage. Should this occur simply press the button at the rear of the clipper after removing any obstruction. The clipper should now operate. Most trimmers, such as the LIVERYMAN HARMONY MAINS CLIPPERS and the LIVERYMAN MAVERICK CLIPPER - MAINS POWERED have a preset tension system requiring no adjustment.