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The Ultimate Guide To Career Options For Working With Horses

If you are a real horse lover, you may wish to pursue a career that allows you to work with horses. There are plenty of options in many different areas, so if you live and breathe horses, we’ve put together this guide to give you an idea of what your perfect equine career path may be. Qualifications For many equine careers, you will need relevant qualifications. Most employers look for qualifications from the British Horse Society (BHS) or Association of…

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A Quick Look At The Most Popular Horse Names

One of the hardest things when you purchase a new horse or foal is choosing the right name. Picking one which your new friend loves as much as you do takes time and there’s a whole host of things which typically influence your decision but just where do you start? We were recently shared a fantastic infographic which has been put together by which does a great job of outlining the most popular names for both male and female horses,…

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How Much Should Your Horse Be Eating?

How Much Should Your Horse Be Eating Image
We have all used the old expression “eat like a horse” when hungry or describing someone we know who can eat a great deal of food, however, how much does that actually equate to? Getting the right diet for your horse is really important in keeping them fit and healthy and is, unfortunately, something which too many owners get wrong. To make sure your horse is adequately fed and watered all year round, here’s everything you need know about how…

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Top Tips for Getting Your Horse Comfortable with a Trailer

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Something which plenty of horse owners struggle with is getting their animal comfortable around the idea of getting inside a trailer. Naturally, horses love the experience of being in wide open spaces. Because of this, they instinctively feel very uncomfortable spending any sort of meaningful time in a small confined space. On top of this, horses also feel very uncomfortable with objects which move or aren’t always present in their day to day lives. A great example of this is…

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