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Ten Ways To Make Your Stables A Happier Place For Your Horse

Here at Rideaway, we’re only happy if our horses are happy. Not only are happier horses more likely to interact and learn quicker, but they’re our friends, and we want to know that they’re ok! With that in mind, here are ten ways in which you can make your stables a happy place for your horse. 1.   Plenty Of Roughage Just like with humans, one of the things that makes a horse happiest is, of course, food! Food is their…

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Should You Let Other People Ride Your Horse?

Now and then, when people ask to borrow your horse, do you let them do so without a second thought, or are you a little more reluctant to let somebody else ride your pride and joy? There’s no right answer, and it all depends upon you as a person, and perhaps more importantly, the horse themselves. The issues don’t just lie with whether you feel comfortable with loaning out your horse, however, as there may actually be legal considerations to…

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16 Things You Should Never Feed Your Horse [Infographic]

Whether to reward good behaviour, those irresistible big pleading eyes when we are eating around them, or just because we love them; it’s perfectly okay to give your horse treats – they deserve it! However, if you are a horse owner, or if you just love spending time around horses, it’s important to know what you can and can’t feed them. Read on to find out what is and isn’t safe. Fancy sharing our infographic? <img src=”” width=”100%”> <p>16 Things…

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Pair of Wellies

five pairs of colourful wellington boots.
During the cold and rainy seasons, Wellington boots are the perfect choice for keeping your feet warm and dry whilst you’re out with your horse. Designed to withstand any country pursuits, these boots are perfect for doing your day-to-day tasks to enjoying an afternoon stroll out with your horse. Choosing the right pair of Wellington boots can be a bit daunting; however, we have 5 reasons why you need a pair:  Helps keep you warm For those wintery days when…

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