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Ride-away interview Emma Stoker

Here at Ride-away, we caught up with showjumper Emma Stoker to talk about her recent competitions, which horses she’s riding at the moment and what she loves about the Montar Competition Jacket.       Q: What is it about the Montar Competition Jacket that you like? A: Quite simply..…

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Ride-away on Rio

Last month we saw more than 10,000 athletes compete in one of the biggest sporting events in the world and here at Ride-away, we were very excited to see what Great Britain had in store for us all. With our focus on the beautiful and vibrant city of Rio de…

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Wahl Clipping Advice

The cooler season is now upon us and once again horse owners everywhere are battling with hairy horses and clipping conundrums. We speak to the experts from Wahl to solve some of your seasonal stresses…   What preparation do you need to do? Before you begin to clip, check that…

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