Horse Behaviour

How To Teach Your Horse To Smile

There are many tricks which you can teach your horse, but one of the most fun is teaching them to put on their best cheesy grin for the camera and smile! This a great one to show off to your friends and is sure to bring a smile to their…

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How To Teach Your Horse To Paw On Cue

Teaching your horse how to lift their hoof can be a fun trick for them to learn, and is a great way to them to show off and earn some rewards and treats. It’ll take a little bit of time, but with plenty of practice, your horse will be showing…

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10 Ways To Cure Equine Boredom

Horses are undoubtedly nature’s great explorers and because of this, they love nothing more than moving around and experiencing their natural environment. However, as any horse owner will know only too well, it simply isn’t possible to allow them freedom 24 hours of the day. Instead, we have to pop…

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