Horse Care

Five Things To Consider When Taking On A Rescue Horse

Despite how hard it might be for horse lovers to understand, poor care and neglect of these fantastic animals is something which unfortunately occurs every day. Some of the luckier horses are eventually taken from their neglectful owners and then become rescue horses which can be adopted. This is a…

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A Quick Look At The Most Popular Horse Names

One of the hardest things when you purchase a new horse or foal is choosing the right name. Picking one which your new friend loves as much as you do takes time and there’s a whole host of things which typically influence your decision but just where do you start?…

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11 Winter Horse Grooming Tips You Need To Know

Grooming your horse is essential all year round, however even more so in the cold, harsh winter months. A lot of people wonder, as an example, whether or not they should clip their horse in the colder weather and, in many ways, this is down to personal circumstances. Here, we…

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