A Quick Guide To Riding Safety

March the 24th is National Equestrian Safety Day, and here at Ride Away we know just how important it is to be safe when riding, particularly now that spring has arrived. With the clocks going forward bringing longer evenings, as well as the equestrian season kicking off, more and more…

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Should You Let Other People Ride Your Horse?

Now and then, when people ask to borrow your horse, do you let them do so without a second thought, or are you a little more reluctant to let somebody else ride your pride and joy? There’s no right answer, and it all depends upon you as a person, and…

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The Benefits of Horse Riding

What you may not know is the positive impact that horse riding can have on your health. Like many other sports, horse riding can have both physical and mental health benefits for you as a rider. Whether you’re just riding for fun or gearing up for a competition, here are…

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The History of Tweed

First woven in the 18th century by crafters in the Outer Hebrides in Scotland; tweed was originally known as ‘Tweel’, due to its multi-coloured twill pattern, rough texture, and thicker fabric designed to battle the harsh Scottish winters. Introduced to the British aristocracy in the 1840s by Lady Dunmore and…

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