Cookies Policy

What are cookies?

When you visit a web page, your computer stores a tiny text file – this is a cookie. If you’re ordering goods you need to have your cookies enabled so that we can remember what you have in your basket.

If your cookies are disabled, simply see Managing Your Cookies below on how to reactivate them. Of course, even without cookies enabled you can still browse our site – you just won’t be able to order products.

Using cookies is helpful for a number of other reasons. The encrypted information we store from them can help us fix errors on the site, or steer you towards particular items you might find useful. Remember, cookies can’t harm your computer, and we will never store sensitive data such as credit card details.

Some of our trusted suppliers and partners also set cookies during your visit and use this information to show you other products and services that might be of interest.

We’re constantly reviewing our cookie policy, both to meet the latest regulations and to improve your browsing experience. Your privacy is important to us, which is why we will always be honest and transparent about our cookie policies.

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We only ever use cookies to allow the site to work for you, and to improve your user experience.

Managing your cookies

Although you can browse our site freely without cookies enabled on your computer, you’ll be unable to buy any items.

If your cookies are deactivated and you wish to enable them, or for more information about cookies please

Third-party cookies

Some embedded content might include cookies from external websites. Because these are beyond our control, we recommend you visit these third party sites to confirm their cookie policies.