Equestrian clothing – choosing the correct riding wear

Practicality, comfort and safety should be the three things to remember when it comes to buying equestrian clothing. No matter what your style, popular brands such as Ariat, Sherwood Forest, Shires and Dublin Clothing have a variety of different styles, colours and materials depending on your personal preference and choice of sport.

Every rider will require the basics in equestrian clothing, these include jodhpurs, riding gloves, riding hats and riding boots. All provide comfort and protection no matter what style of rider you are, whether that be a long distance trail rider or national dressage competitor.

Other popular items of equestrian clothing can include traditional country clothing, the perfect choice for any rider, as well as, body protectors and other footwear such as mucker boots and wellingtons, ideal for getting mucky in the stable!

Our equestrian team are always available to answer any queries you have, whether it be advice on fitting riding hats to choosing the correct clothing for a dressage event. Call us on 0800 917 9204, we’ll be more than happy to help!