Essential pieces of horse riding equipment

Whether you’re a recreational rider or an international competitor, nothing compares to that real sense of freedom when you ride, a feeling that’s second to none. Whether you ride for pleasure or sport, it’s important to choose essential pieces of riding equipment to ensure safety and comfort for you and your horse.

The horse riding saddle is such an important piece of riding equipment. Depending on the type of sport you participate in will often dictate your choice of saddle, these can include event saddles, dressage saddles, racing saddles and close contact saddles. If you’re a rider who enjoys a little bit of everything whether that be cross country, show jumping or dressage, a general purpose saddle would be ideal.

Safety is key when it comes to riding which is why riding hats and riding boots are considered as essential pieces of riding equipment. Helmets are worn to protect the riders head whilst boots ensure that the rider’s feet stay safe in the stirrups.

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