Dog Training

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The best kind of relationship between pet and owner is one that’s filled with love, interaction, understanding and mutual respect. Travel in style with your pooch with our training and travel selections from Ride-Away. Looking for a great tool to help train your dog? A clicker pack is easy to master. Simply uses the whistle as a cue followed by the dog clicker for positive reinforcement, breaking down the language barrier and helping your companion to learn tricks and commands. Designed to keep your pooch safe wherever they go, pet correction spray works in a similar way to a clicker, except that it’s a deterrent from bad behaviour. The small apparatus emits a hiss sound, discouraging the dog from repeating unwanted actions. This is a perfect accompaniment to dog clicker training and will prove one of your most valuable dog training accessories. And what would dog training be without a high quality dog lead? Choose one that suits your pooch and you’ll find that playtime becomes far more energetic.