Horse Equipment for the Field, Stable and Yard

Keeping your horse within contained areas is paramount to its safety, which is why many owners choose electric fencing to build a barrier that trains the horse to graze and roam within specific plots. Once the horse’s territory is mapped out, you can use a range of equestrian supplies to keep your stable and yard running at peak performance. Horse grooming, for example, is incredibly important to health, behaviour and presentation, as it not only helps you to stay on top of the horse’s condition, but also acts as a bonding activity that strengthens trust, loyalty and cooperation.

Haynets are another means of keeping your horse healthy. Smaller holes encourage a reduced speed of consumption, improving digestion and preventing hay from going to waste. This also means that there’s less opportunity for inactivity, which can be a major contributing factor to a horse becoming listless. In addition, stable equipment isn’t just buckets and saddles; it also includes horse toys, as play aids fitness and demeanour whilst staving off boredom. By combining specialist tools and equipment, you can ensure that your horse always remains happy and healthy.