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They give off a lasting scent which holds the horses attention long after the refill has gone. You may find your horse will attempt to seek out the source of the mint and in doing so will bite, pick u...
Product Code ST/BZBT
Encourages a more natural, slower eating pattern than feeding from a bucket. A useful aid for relieving boredom or stress in the stable or paddock and for horses on box rest.Size: 9"Colours: Blue, Pin...
Product Code ST/9640
The Roma Equine play ball is suitable for the stable or field. Approx. 10" (254mm) diameter. An essential toy to hang or just loose to kick around in the stable or field.  With the use of most standar...
Product Code ST/JODU
The world famous Boredom Breaker has had a makeover! This user friendly toy now has a deeper recess for Little Likits and smooth edges, which helps to make Likits last longer and the insertion and rem...
Product Code ST/BOM
The Hot Pink Pliers are for removing empty likit pots from the Boredom breaker or tongue twister.
Product Code ST/PLR
The Snak a Ball is designed to be filled with dry horse food, the ball delivers small amounts of food when pushed around by the horse. Ideal for over weight horses and ponies on limited rations and fo...
Product Code ST/SNAP
Spare lid for the SNAK A BALL
Product Code ST/SNSP
The lean mean Tongue Twisting machine! The new style Tongue Twister incorporates the same improvements as the Boredom Breaker and is particularly useful for those horses with smaller stables as it fix...
Product Code ST/TONW
The most challenging Likit toy yet.  Requires 2 x little likits. Can be used on its own or will attach to the likit holder to make a combination toy. Spins like a tongue twister and moves like a bored...
Product Code ST/BB
An essential for all likit users. Hang in the stable to keep your horse amused for hours. Likits sold seperately. To help you remove your used likit pots use the Hot Likit Pliers
Product Code ST/LHD
The Big Licky was created to reduce mess and stickiness. Packed with all of the same nutritional value and flavour as our popular Hangin'Ball, you get more with every Big Licky with a half of a pound ...
Product Code ST/JIM
Large red scented apple. Can be hung up in the stable for use as a boredom breaker.
Product Code ST/JLY
Vitamunch is a unique healthy, tasty, high fibre, low calorie, low sugar, cereal free snack that your horse or pony can enjoy at any time. Made from top quality Timothy grass , slow dried at a low te...
Product Code FEE/VTM
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Playtime is important to a horse’s wellbeing and mental state, and it can also have a positive on other aspects of your horse's life such as feeding and sleeping. Horse toys are often found in stables, providing the roles of both reward and boredom prevention, so make sure that your own horse has something to keep it occupied during stable time.

Salt Lick Holders, Stud Card Holders go hand in hand with toys, as excessive sweating as a result of exercise and hot weather causes loss of sodium and chloride from the body. By giving your horse a salt lick, he can stay engaged for longer and enjoy a tasty treat too.

Also, horses get as much satisfaction from show jumping and training as you do. With professional and reliable Dressage & Showjump Markers, you can create a temporary or long-term arena for all kinds of activities and challenges, doubling as exercise and behavioural tasks.