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The FLEXI GRAZER has been developed to provide a very real solution to comfortable, controlled grazing for horse or pony. Researched and trialled, the flexible muzzle is durable, washable and comfort...
Product Code ST/SHFX
Moulded durable brown plastic horse muzzle with nylon web strap and plated buckle. Useful for restricting grazing. Available in Pony, Cob/Horse & Extra large.
Product Code ST/MU
A useful aid for difficult horses, especially when clipping around horse's head and performing other 'frightening' tasks.
Product Code ST/HUT
Shires Greenguard Grazing Mask is a simple solution to reduce grass intake. Comfortable without sweating or rubbing. Allows unrestricted breathing and drinking. Durable and UV resistant for long life....
Product Code ST/GRA
From £1.00
This Shires nylon grass muzzle features a rubber base, sides with nylon web bars and a headpiece and throatlash to keep the muzzle in place. Available Black
Product Code ST/GRM
Specially designed for use with the SHIRES GREENGUARD GRAZING MASKSizes: Small Pony, Pony, Cob of Full Size.Mask part sold seperately
Product Code SHC/GR
From £15.00
Fully adjustable for the perfect fit the Shires grazing muzzles have been proven to assist with controlled eating regimes whether for diet or control of illness. Fleece wool has been added to the comf...
Product Code ST/495NF
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If your horse has an appetite beyond its needs, you should put a variety of firm but fair actions into place right away. The first place to start is a muzzle, which allows the horse to remain in the field but prevents it from overgrazing. Meanwhile, twitches give you the ability to gently handle difficult horses from the ground, removing the stress and struggle from outdoor time.

As for the stable and yard, Haynets and Bags restrict the speed of consumption and keep the fodder stored away between feeding times. Eating quickly and too often can cause listlessness, bad behaviour and poor digestion, as well as weight problems, so deal with any overeating issues straight away.

Last but not least, investing in the right Buckets, Mangers and Troughs is also important, as this ensures that the right amount of food and water is efficiently distributed at the right times. By combining this equipment, you can help your horse to stay happy and healthy daily and throughout its life.