Dressage & Showjump Markers

Get your horse competition ready with our range of dressage and show jump makers. Ideal for training or making an area a permanent fixture to practice, our markers are great for providing a safe and secure area for you and your horse. Help boost your riding skills and confidence with our selection of show jackets and riding gloves.

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The Dressage Cones from Roma are fantastic when training for a dressage event. The cones come in a set of 8 and are available in white. Letters: A F B M C H E K
Product Code ST/CND
The brilliant Dressage Test Board from Roma is a board with the dressage arena labeled clearly. The board is a fatastic way to draw out your test for memorization and also to help build your confidenc...
Product Code ST/DTB
For dressage markers and showjump markers. Sold seperately.A.B.C.E.F.H.K.M.R.S.V.P1 - 10SIZE 7 3/4" X 8 1/4"
Product Code ST/AD
From £0.20
White plastic cone shaped dressage markers. Available set of 8 A,B,C,E,F,H,K,M  or set of additional 4 R,S,VP
Product Code ST/COD
From £16.00
Plastic coated steel frame. Pack of 8. ABCEFHKM
Product Code ST/DR
Pack of 12. Plastic coated steel frame. The height above ground when inserted is approx 1'10".
Product Code ST/SH12
Pack of 4 R,S,V,P
Product Code ST/1000C
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Whether it’s for general exercise and behavioural training or preparing for a show, dressage and showjump markers are ideal when you want to create a temporary or permanent arena. Show preparation requires huge levels of commitment, patience and understanding but using the right equipment is also essential. Jump pole rolls and cups allow for different jumping heights, whilst remaining safely and securely in place.

With some showjump markers, you can turn outdoor time into a fun, productive and highly fulfilling activity for both horse and rider.