Farrier Tools, Studs & Pads

Taking care of your horse’s hooves is essential in guaranteeing your horses well-being. The hooves of your horse undergo a lot of pressure and the right tool will help your horse to look and feel its best. To guarantee your horse is healthy, browse our range of first aid kits and clippers.

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Soft Ground Studs, Pack of 4.
Product Code SMS/STT
Forget about tap, wrench, spanner, screwdriver, cleaning pin, stud box and lost studs. The HipHoof stud spanner is the only tool you need to get the job done. An all-in-one ergonomic tool for studding...
Product Code FW/SHHP
An inexpensive, easy to use hoof trimmer.
Product Code FE/NI12
To cut clenches when removing shoes.
Product Code FE/BUF
A sturdy, double ended rasp for all of your hoof care needs.
Product Code FE/RAD
14" rasp. Used by farriers to file the horse's hoof.
Product Code FE/RATA
Prevents concussion to feet and lower limbs. Sold in pairs.
Product Code FE/CUS
Wooden handled hoof knife for hoof trimming, double edged.
Product Code FE/KNI
The handy Shoe Puller and Spreader from Roma is a brilliant tool that removes loose shoes with ease.
Product Code FE/SHSP
Heavy nailing hammer with broad, square face. Good claw for twisting off nails.
Product Code FE/HAM
Various studs and tools in a handy carry case. Contain Spanner for Sleeper studs, Wire brush, Tee Tap and Spanner, Plug studs, Rubber stoppers, Sleeper studs, large jumping studs x 8, small GP or Road...
Product Code FE/STU
Contains: 4x road studs, 4x Jumping studs (normal and eventing), 4x Large jumping studs (for outside showjumping), 4x pointed jumping studs (for hard ground), 4x dome top studs (for very wet and loose...
Product Code FE/KIT
Wooden screw-on.
Product Code FE/HA
Handy tool for cleaning stud holes.
Product Code FE/STH
For studs 3/8"
Product Code FE/COMB
A really useful piece of equipment,  perfect for holding your studs whether on the yard or at a show. You never need lose your studs in the grass again!
Product Code ST/SKM
Showing products 1 to 16 of 22

Every horse owner should have quality Stable Equipment to ensure safety as well as high levels of health and fitness. Farrier equipment concerns all aspects of equine hoof care, such as trimming, balancing and shoeing the hooves. Needless to say, specialist Hoof Care Accessories are required for the job.

Farrier equipment includes nippers, hammers, hole cleaners, rasps, buffers, stud plugs, hoof cushions and other tools designed for smooth and safe processes. If you employ a farrier or horse keeper, get their advice on what your stable needs to optimise its performance. In the case of a new stable lacking equipment, a stud kit box could prove a wise investment.

The hooves undergo huge amounts of pressure, movement and physical attention, so make sure that they’re properly looked after to guarantee a happy, healthy and high performance horse.