Grooming Equipment

Browse our range of grooming equipment here at Ride-Away and help strengthen the bond between you and your horse. Whether you’re preparing for a competition or training long days in the field, our selection of dandy brushes, curry combs, and hoof care accessories will keep your horse feeling fit and healthy.

Grooming is an enjoyable way to strengthen the bond and trust between horse and owner. Using simple equipment such as a face brush and body brush can make all the difference to your horse’s hygiene, helping him to look and feel his best.

Adding a horse grooming kit to your stable is the perfect way to keep your animal in tip-top condition. These kits come with everything you need for primping and preening; or, if you already have the tools, a tack box gives you a simple and effective means of keeping them safe and accessible. A particularly useful piece of grooming kit is a curry comb, a brush that’s great for removing mud from thick winter coats, manes and tails.

To further ensure your horse’s fitness and wellbeing, every stable should have a first aid kit nearby in case of an accident or emergency. Additionally, clippers, blades and accessories give you the tools required to keep your horse feeling clean and comfortable, which they are sure to appreciate immensely.