Face Brushes

After a long session in the field, keep your horse’s face clean with our collection of face brushes. Designed to fit in the palm of your hands for easy navigation, our face brushes are an essential part of grooming. Store all of your items away in a tack box for easy storage or choose from one of our grooming kits.

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Cottage Craft goat-hair face brush give your horse that massage he will love. Brush has a wooden back and leather hand strap. Super soft goat hair bristles. Removes finer particles and dust and adds a...
Product Code GR/R239
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Ideal for use on your pony's or horse's face. Plastic back face brush with synthetic bristles. Perfect for removing tough stains or mud.
Product Code GR/DMFC
This face brush is designed with a plastic, contoured back and soft synthetic bristles for a gentle clean.
Product Code GR/SFB
cottage craft.jpg
Ideal for use on horse's face. Plastic back face brush with stiff, mixed colour bristles. Perfect for removing tough stains or mud.
Product Code GR/DMF
The Roma Zebra Face Brush is great for removing mud and dust from your horses face.
Product Code GR/ZBF
Add this to your grooming kit to brush away the tough mud on your horse's face.
Product Code GR/12325
Soft hold grip back, 2.5cm soft bristles.
Product Code GR/1485
The new comfort rubber grip design fits perfectly into any size hand and is easier to use. Shine to perfection and remove loose dirt and fine hair with ease.
Product Code GR/WFB
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Give your horse a gentle groom with our selection of face brushes here at Rideaway. Desgined to fit in the plam of your hands for an easy navigation on the contours of your horse's face, face brushes is a key part of the grooming process. Whether you're using face brushes to remove any dirt that accumulated during the day or just want to give your horse an after riding reward, choosing the right face brush is key. Not only do horse brushes remove mud, dirt and loose hairs; it helps stimulate the skin to produce natural oils, while buffing the hide to give your horse a lustrous shine to help them look their best.

As well as many aesthetic benefits, using a face brush and other horse grooming tools can relax your horse, increase its wellbeing through mood enhancement, and strengthen the bond with its keeper. That’s why horse grooming supplies are so important, as using Grooming Kits on a daily basis can result in improved behaviour, enhanced trust and a healthier horse in general.