Dandy & Water Brushes

After a day of training, a dandy brush is a perfect solution for cleaning your horse. Perfect for removing mud and dirt from your horse, browse our selection of dandy and water brushes here at Ride-Away. Paired with a face brush and a grooming kit, keep your horse’s coat looking clean and tidy.

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The Roma Brights Dandy Brush is a great addition to any grooming kit.
Product Code GR/RBD
The Roma Soft Touch Dandy Brush is a brush which has been designed with comfort in mind. This brush has firm bristles and Soft touch grip.
Product Code GR/SGL
The roma two the plastic dandy brush is a dual colour brush made from plastic with firm synthetic bristle.
Product Code GR/2TP
The roma neon dandy brush is a stiff bristled brush to help remove dirt/mud from your horse. Assorted Colours.
Product Code GR/NON
From £1.49
The Roma Dandy Brush is a solid plastic brush with firm synthetic bristles.
Product Code GR/RMD
Dandy brush helps to keep your horse looking glossy with the dense soft fibre fill.
Product Code GR/SMD
Dandy Brush with extra long mix filling and elastic strap.
Product Code GR/DDEL
From £2.49
180mm x 65mm, brown bassine filling.
Product Code GR/12315
185mm x 65mm. Red or blue polypropylene filling.
Product Code GR/12314
A brush you will never again want to be without Simple assistance for rubbing in and lathering shampoo as well as silent application of liquids, thus also suitable for sensitive horses. No more liquid...
Product Code GR/SHO
A new concept in shampooing. Sponge centre holds water outer bristles clean.
Product Code GR/12217
The Equerry Water Brush shows the same design functionality as all the Equerry brushes. A densely packed, softer bristle brush ideal for use whilst bathing, cleansing or rinsing. Wooden backed.
Product Code GR/WA
Nylon. Small and perfectly formed, the Junior Dandy brush is great for smaller hands.
Product Code GR/1225
The Stablemate Dandy Brush is a rather simple yet effective piece of grooming equipment, working to rid your horses coat of any loose hairs and grime.
Product Code GR/1224
Modern, easy to use and available in an assortment of bright colours to keep your feed and water buckets scrupulously clean! Plastic/rubber back (260 X 65mm), filled with polypropylene. 47-40 mm wedge...
Product Code GR/GBK
Available in Pink, Blue or Black. Medium or Large. These are sold in the above assorted colours,  if you have a colour preference, please advise in the extra order information at the end of your order...
Product Code GR/STKD
From £3.00
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Choose from our range of horse water and dandy brushes here at Rideaway. If you're looking for a delicate way to remove mud and dirt from your horse, a dandy brush is a perfect option. Dipped in water and followed by a soapy clean, give your horse the perfect clean using a water brush.

Water brushes retain a lot of moisture and suds during cleaning, helping to work up a lather that will get your horse looking his best again. Every stable should have at least one horse dandy brush, as the combination of the two tools work together to thoroughly clean the body, face, legs, mane and tail.