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Handy grooming kit complete with full set of brushes in a tote bag. Contains sweat scraper, face, body and dandy brush, mane and tail brush, hoof pick and curry comb. Available in Gold, Navy,  Chocola...
Product Code GR/NGK
Versatile and stylish grooming bag with zip lid. Bag contains one of each of the following:Palm held Face BrushMane and Tail BrushCoarse Curry CombHoof PickDandy BrushSpongeAvailable in Pink, Blue or ...
Product Code GR/SKGG
Size: One sizeColours: Baby Blue, Pink, Purple
Product Code GR/RBPK
Size: One sizeColours: Blue, Pink, Purple
Product Code GR/UBPK
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An adult-sized grooming kit with a handy backpack to keep everything in one place. Includes sponge, small sweat scraper, dandy brush, body brush, mane comb, hoof pick and small plastic curry comb.
Product Code GR/CCK
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An essential kit for the young equestrian, containing key items for grooming your horse. The kit comes in an easy-to-carry bag. Contains body brush, dandy brush, plastic curry comb, mane comb and hoof...
Product Code GR/CCJ
Dog print print durable and roomy grooming kit bag with lots of pockets to keep your kit safe and easy to find. Two inner compartments and eight outer pockets. Zip top and waterproof lining. Grab hand...
Product Code BG/DPG
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A horse grooming kit can include a variety of brushes, hoof picks, curry combs, sweat scrapers and various other horse grooming tools. The important thing is that you ensure you have everything your horse requires to feel fit and healthy, as well as keeping these tools in prime condition.

Horse grooming equipment is a sound investment. Not only is it required for hygiene and maintenance, but using an equestrian grooming kit also gives you an opportunity to bond with your animal, which in turn builds confidence and trust, as well as improving the wellbeing of your horse.

Alongside a good old dandy brush, horse grooming products include plaiting and trimming accessories, which are ideal for when you want your horse to look his very best.