Plaiting & Trimming

Whether you’re getting ready for a competition or planning on training in the yard, shop our selection of plaiting and trimming accessories. Other grooming tools such as a mane combs and grooming kits can help improve your horse’s appearance.

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Effol Non-snap Plaiting Bands are made out of especially elastic material, prevent split hairs as well as tangling of the mane. They guarantee easy plaiting without causing any damage to the mane.
Product Code GR/PLBA
The painless alternative to a pulling comb. The best choice for you and your horse. The comb that lets the horse and user feel the difference. Safe and hygienic. Light and easy to operate. Ergonomical...
Product Code GR/SO
The kit contains bands, thread, needles, plaiting comb and scissors.
Product Code GR/12218
Triple action. Thins combs and cuts mane and tail. Easy to use easily replaceable blade. New comfortable shape handle and improved blade angle for better cutting action Spare BladesSPARE BLADES FOR TH...
Product Code GR/12338
A holster containing a SoloComb, SoloRake and SoloBrush, this simple kit can sit in a grooming kit and then slip onto the belt or pocket enabling the owner to work easily on the horse
Product Code GR/SLK
15 meters of your chosen coloured thread with needle. Ready to use and easy to store with the card backing.
Product Code GR/1235
250M reel, black, white or brown.
Product Code GR/1232
Available in white, chestnut, light tan or black.
Product Code GR/12313
Available in black, blue, red and white. 20 in a pack.
Product Code GR/SHB
For thinning out mains and tails quickly and easily.
Product Code GR/12220
Features:  Mane Thinning Knife is a foldaway knife that has a specially designed blade to thin the mane. The knife has a wooden handle, making it easy to hold and use. A great alternative to pulling m...
Product Code GR/TH
The Horse Thinning Scissors are a great way to trim and tidy up your horses mane, able to take some of the weight out of the hair without reducing the length too much. These scissors can be an extreme...
Product Code GR/12310
Stainless steel scissors with curved blade for ease of use.
Product Code GR/FET
Product Code GR/7564
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Super stretchy plaiting bands. Plenty to get hold of and wont snap.Available in Black, Brown, Gold, Pink, Silver or White.
Product Code GR/J139
Contains 800 plaiting bands.Size: One sizeColours: Black, Light Tan, Chestnut, White
Product Code GR/RRPT
Showing products 1 to 16 of 19

When you want your horse to turn heads, you need the right tools for the job. Choose from a selection of grooming horse essentials designed to keep your horse looking and feeling great here at Rideaway. Whilst horse plaits can make a huge difference to your horse’s mane, a solo rake is perfect for bringing out the full body and silky texture of your horses tail.

A mane comb can also be used to thin and cut the mane and tail, making your horse look and also feel their best. Other grooming tools that can go a long way are plaiting bands and a thinning blade, which when used together can give extra shape and definition to key areas of your horse’s features.

If you use mane and tail combs effectively, the result for your horse can range from garnering the right attention, to winning competition and receiving well-deserved awards.