Haynets and Bags

Designed to reduce the eating speed of your horse, shop our selection of haynets and bags here at Ride-Away. Great in aiding a healthy diet and digestion for your horse, find one to suits your needs. To further improve your horse’s diet, browse our selection of feeds and feed scoops.

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• Knotted nylon string • Draw string running in rings • Feeding holes approx. 8 x 6 cm • Middle diameter, empty length: 95 cm • Colour: navy/aqua • Size: small
Product Code HAY/IVHY
Haylage net suitable for hay or haylage. Fine mesh holes ensure hay lasts longer and there is less wastage on the stable floor. Small: 4kgLarge: 6.5kg
Product Code HAY/SHN
From £5.50
Slow your greedy feeder down for better digestion amd extended stable activity. Very small holes let hay or haylage out slowly and make the horse have to work harder and greatly reduces the amount of ...
Product Code HAY/1037
From £16.00
Save hundreds of pounds this year with Elim-a-Net™ More than just a small holed haynet, Elim-a-Net™ has a unique Inner Net Design to help prevent rapid forage consumption and excess wastage. The Elim...
Product Code HAY/ELM
Extra strong haylage net with large ring at base, strong hanging rope and small holes to make forage last longer. Suitable for haylage or for controlled feeding of hay. Mesh Size: 4.5cm (1.75")
Product Code HAY/DLX
From £10.00
Extra strong Shires nylon haynet with larger holes and metal rings. 42" with 3" mesh. Red, Blue, Black, Green, Purple, Pink
Product Code HAY/1026
moorland rider.jpg
A versatile carry sack with a drawstring cord and base handle. use it for carrying/storing or keeping your car clean when transporting hay. one size 70x90cm navy or green.
Product Code HAY/CRY
A high quality spring balance featuring a steel wire hook. Ideal for weighing hay. Can be attached to a high hanging point or hand held. Maximum weight 25kg (56lb).
Product Code ST/SPB
This cute small hole net is the perfect way to serve VitaMunch to your horse or pony in the stable or hang in the lorry or trailer when you are out and about.It has been designed especially to prolong...
Product Code HAY/VTM
cottage craft.jpg
Cottage Craft haynet is ideal for horses stabled overnight. Made of excellent quality polypropylene. Small holes to restrict hay intake and reduce wastage. Huge capacity.
Product Code HAY/LH
From £5.99
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If one thing is certain across all stables, it’s that horses love to eat. This is where hay nets come in extremely handy, as they slow down the eating speed of the horse, aiding a healthy diet and digestion whilst staving off boredom. Haynets also help to prevent the feed from becoming contaminated by water, muck and manure.

By investing in a hay bag and hay nets for horses, you can rest assured that feeding time will run smoothly, proving stress-free for you and enjoyable for the horse. Relaxed and consistent feeding sessions are also good for your horse’s behaviour, wellbeing and trust, so it’s amazing what can be achieved with just a few simple horse hay nets.

Other equipment designed to improve stable duties are hay racks, which are perfect for storage and easy access, and salt lick holders that keep the treat from getting dirty. Optimising feeding time is one of the best things you can do for both you and your horse.