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Choosing the right bucket to feed your horse is a very important process for feeding your horse. Browse our selection of buckets, mangers, and troughs here at Ride-Away. To ensure that nothing get in or out between uses, use a Bucket Cover and a Feed Scoop to make cleaning fast and efficient.

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Colour: Black
Product Code ST/TRS
From £9.00
A 110 litre bin complete with tap. Ideal for soaking hay or use as a water butt.
Product Code ST/WC
Small: 14 Litres Diameter: 33cm Height: 23cm Medium: 26 Litres Diameter: 39cm Height: 30cm Large: 36 Litres Diameter
Product Code ST/TBT
From £1.00
This Shires Automatic Water Drinker easily plums in for a constant water supply for your horse/animals. Sturdy easy to clean plastic. Runs off either high or low pressure.H125mm, W 260mm , D 290mm Gre...
Product Code ST/963
These Shires Easy Trugs are lightweight, strong and flexible, these have so many different uses around the stable and garden. Red, Purple, Black, Pink, Lilac and Royal.
Product Code ST/EAS
From £4.99
Mini: 5 Litre Diameter:  28cm Height: 10cm Small: 15 Litre Diameter: 39cm Height: 16cm
Product Code ST/BFS
From £4.00
Choose from 3 colourful bins featuring lid and carrying handles. 70 litre Available in Black, Blue or Red
Product Code ST/DBL
A heavy duty plastic D shaped bucket. Features flat side for easy carrying or hanging on the wall. Capacity approx, 4 gallons.
Product Code ST/BUD
3 ¼ gallon black water bucket with handle.Keep your buckets clean with this easy to use brushGRIPPEE BUCKET BRUSH
Product Code ST/BUW
The colourful plastic feed buckets can hold up to 20 litres of feed with carrying handle. Matching bucket covers are also available, so the feed can be kept clean, dry and free from flies. Keep your b...
Product Code ST/BUF
Brown Stubbythene Foal Feeder manger housed in a strong steel frame with rounded corners for safety. The bars are fully adjustable and wall bracket is included. Being quickly detachable makes cleaning...
Product Code ST/FOA
For use with plastic corner manger, see PLASTIC CORNER MANGER WITH SPILLER BARS
Product Code ST/SU
Straight-wall fixed manger. Frame incorporates front support strap. Height 28cm, Width 48cm, Depth 37cm, Weight 5.22kg, Capacity 28 litre.
Product Code ST/POHD
This heavy duty water bucket has a handle and pouring lip. 14 litre Keep your buckets clean with this easy to use brushGRIPPEE BUCKET BRUSH
Product Code ST/BUYL
The plastic corner manger is a tough rubberised plastic triangular shaped bucket designed to be used with the corner manger bracket to secure it in the corner of the stable. Ideal for large feeds, and...
Product Code ST/POC
General Purpose Hook Over Manger Moulded in tough Stubbythene with black Stubbyfine coated hooks. Height 25cm, Width 39cm, Depth 32cm, Dry Capacity 15 litre.Complete with steel hangers. Ideal for show...
Product Code ST/HK
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Cleaning and feeding are excellent opportunities to bond with your horse. This can be achieved with very simple equipment, specifically buckets and troughs that have been designed for ease of use. Though a basic item, choosing the right bucket is important because sanitising your horse and equipment needs to be a fluid and efficient process.

Mangers also come in all different shapes and sizes, such as the wall-mounted, freestanding and portable. Thought should be put into selecting the right one for horse and owner, fitting the space and environment to help everything to run smoothly. Not forgetting the young ones, a foal feeder is the best way to make feeding time a calm and enjoyable ritual. These are built with rounded corners for safety and detachable features to make cleaning fast and efficient.

Though horse feed buckets are already designed to withstand daily usage and rough treatment, you should take measures to ensure that nothing gets in or out between uses. An affordable solution is bucket covers, which are highly effective at keeping out dirt, flies, vermin and moisture.