Feed Scoops and Stirrers

Browse our selection of feed scoops and stirrers and make feeding times easier. To further improve feeding your horse, invest in a bucket cover or hose to help keep equipment clean.

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Tub Trugs Cutsafe
Product Code ST/TTCT
Tub Trugs Stir Up feed stirrer
Product Code ST/TTS
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Moulded plastic rigid rod, long enough to reach the bottom of the bucket with ease.
Product Code ST/FEST
Round Feed Scoop Available online only.
Product Code ST/RFS
Very strong and impervious to extremes of temperature.Available in Small (0.7 litres) or Large (2.5 litres)
Product Code ST/SCO
From £3.00
Polythene feed scoop with metal handle. Tough Stubbythene moulding with Stubbyfine coated steel handle. Graduated markings. Height 10cm, Width 23cm, Depth 34cm, Weight 0.47kg, Dry capacity 2.7 litre
Product Code ST/FESC
Plastic feed scoop which is tough and durable. 1kg.
Product Code ST/FEE
Simply scoop is a handy and durable serving scoop, perfect for easy, fuss free measuring of simplyirresistible feed toppings or supplement Pop-up design Features a clever clip to keep packs sealed for...
Product Code ST/SSC
A strong and lightweight feed scoop from Harold Moore.
Product Code ST/HMS
Showing products 1 to 9 of 9

Feeding time is an excellent opportunity to bond with your horse in calm and enjoyable surroundings. When feeding, you should always use a feed scoop, as this will ensure that the correct portion is allocated every time. A horse feed scoop comes with the additional benefit of minimising contamination, especially when washed on a regular basis.

A plastic feed stirrer will also aid this daily routine, making it easy to reach the bottom of the bucket to ensure that the contents is thoroughly mixed. This should be one of numerous horse feed accessories in your stable, as nothing is more important than maintaining the diet and wellbeing of your animal. To further improve the ritual of horse feeding, investing in bucket covers will prevent feed from being invaded by flies, bacteria, moisture, vermin, and even clever horses that feel a bit peckish between meals.