Salt Lick Holders, Stud Card Holders

Keep your horse’s vital information stored away against dirt with our selection of salt lick holders and stud card holders. Whether you’re refuelling your horse or protecting your contact details, find yours now. To help with the upkeep of your horse, browse our other stable accessories such as manure scoops and bucket holders.

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Strong steel lick holder with a plastic coated covering and screws to the wall. Screws and salt lick not included.Accepts standard brick type licks. Height 21cm, Width 11cm, Depth 3cm, Weight 0.39kg.
Product Code ST/SAL
Red or Black Display horse details on printed card protected by plastic wallet. Holder is pre-galvanised steel and Stubbyfine coated. Card size 15cm x 10cm, Weight 0.33kg.
Product Code ST/SCA
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Horses love their salt lick and you love your horse, so make sure that they have a premium supply to suit their diet. It’s not just that they enjoy it; horses require salt for its sodium and chloride, especially in hot weather or after rigorous sessions in the field, when perspiration results in salt exiting their bodies. Saltlick should be properly stored and will benefit from a salt lick holder, which keeps the substance at the ideal height and away from dirt and other contaminants.

Other types of stable accessories are also important for the upkeep and wellbeing of your horse. Stud card holders allow you to display key details protected behind a plastic wallet, giving information such as owner’s contact number and vet’s name, while horse toys are an excellent way to help your horse relax, as well as fight listlessness and boredom. Play is very important to your horse’s health, so give him access to toys during resting hours.