Trailer Ties and Tethers

Investing in equipment for your horse such as our collection of horse ties and tethers can have a positive effect for your horse in the event of an emergency. To help make being on the move even more effective, try using a track trolley to move your other riding essentials such as saddles or bridles.

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The Roma Stretch Tie is perfect for tying your horse up at the yard or travelling. Featuring a quick release panic clip, this product is available in Baby Blue or Navy.
Product Code ST/STR
The new concept horse tether... designed to be strong enough to secure a horse yet safe enough to break in an emergency. For safety reasons, it is advisable to always tether horses with a deliberate b...
Product Code ST/EQT
From £4.00
Trigger clip on one end and quick release clip on the other. Size: 24" (36" stretched.)
Product Code SRE/396
Cheerful bungee for safe tethering in the yard or to the horsebox. Panic release clip at one end and trigger clip at the other.Colours: Black, Red or Blue
Product Code SRE/397
Equi-Ping allows handlers to safely tether their horse whilst at home or to a trailer/horsebox when away from the yard. Under normal circumstances the Equi-Ping keeps the horse tethered safely and onl...
Product Code ST/EPS
Ideal for use inside or outside the lorry/trailer. The quick release panic hook is great for safety and gives you peace of mind whilst travelling and tying.
Product Code ST/HTT
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Even the best-behaved and most placid horses can sometimes behave erratically. Investing in equipment such as a horse tie and horse tether makes little impact on the wallet, yet can have a huge positive effect in the event of the animal becoming confused or startled.

Whilst horse ties can be used in stables and yards, a trailer tie gives the same peace of mind during transportation. Horse trailer ties ensure that your horse is secure whilst in transit and can also be used outside of the trailer or lorry, making them highly versatile. For even easier transportation, tack trolleys are designed for moving saddles, bridles and other equipment from place to place, be it across the yard or to the other side of the country.