Bolts and Tie Rings

Keep your horse safe and secure with our selection of bolts and tie rings. From strong door bolts to swivel clips, these are perfect for securing your stable during your horse’s daily routines. To help keep your horse further safe in its stable browse our collection of rubber matting and door grids.

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Plate fixing for screwing to walls. Galvanised.
Product Code ST/SCI
An effective horseproof fastener for the top of the lower stable door. Galvanised.
Product Code ST/AU
Equi-Ping allows handlers to safely tether their horse whilst at home or to a trailer/horsebox when away from the yard. Under normal circumstances the Equi-Ping keeps the horse tethered safely and onl...
Product Code ST/EPS
Door/Gate Hook & Plate 15cm  - Galvanised.
Product Code ST/DHP
20cm long Galvanised door bolt.
Product Code ST/DB
To be used with the Nylon Stall Guard
Product Code ST/SGP
Foot operated fastener for bottom of lower stable door. Strong galvanised construction. Weight 1.5kg.
Product Code ST/KIC
10" threaded shank, complete with washer, and nut. Bright zinc plated. Weight 0.17kg.
Product Code ST/TIL
4 1/2" threaded shank, complete with washer, and nut. Bright zinc plated. Weight 0.17kg.
Product Code ST/TIS
Opening side should face downwards for safety. Weight 0.24kg.
Product Code ST/SPR
A strong, spring loaded bolt complete with staple for securing a door or gate.
Product Code ST/GSP
Showing products 1 to 11 of 11

Bolts are one of those very small things that make a huge difference. Without strong door bolts and swivel clips, your stables and horses are nowhere near as secure as they should be. By properly equipping your stable, you can ensure that each horse remains securely inside its area during feeding, cleaning and other daily routines.

Trailer ties and tethers ensure that the horse is safely secured during transportation. Some models come with a quick release, which make detachment extremely easy in an emergency.

Remember that your horse’s wellbeing is directly linked to your own calm and measured actions, so by keeping each animal secure, you can stay in control of any situation.