Bucket Covers

Keep your feed protected at all times with our selection of bucket covers. Designed to keep bacteria and vermin out and prevent contamination; help make your daily operations safe and effective. To help with your feeds, browse our selection of troughs and feeds scoops.

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Roma Bucket Cover, great for identifying morning feeds and evening feeds.
Product Code ST/RBC
Waterproof nylon elasticated covers which fits both the stable and feed buckets.  These Bucket Covers will protects pre-prepared feeds.
Product Code ST/COV
To protect prepared feeds printed with Morning or Evening.Elasticated edge for secure fitting Prevents moisture and rodents spoiling your horses dinner/breakfast Durable  Black, Red, Royal, Navy or Bl...
Product Code ST/FEC
Showing products 1 to 3 of 3

Anyone who owns horses will own horse feed buckets, and that means they should also own bucket covers. Horse bucket covers will prove extremely useful, aiding safety and hygiene whilst preventing vermin, flies, bacteria, and even the horses from entering water and feed supplies between feeding times. These covers can also come with “morning feed” and “evening feed” printed in clear lettering to make the whole process run smoothly every time without any confusion or mistakes.

Whilst a feed cover may at first seem like an unnecessary addition to your stable, you’ll soon find that it benefits your own daily operations around buckets, mangers and troughs as much as it does your horse’s health.