Bucket Holders

Store your buckets and help make feeding that much easier with our collection of bucket holders here at Ride-away. A great investment for your stable or yard, our bucket holders can prevent accidents and spillage. To get the best out of your feeds, shop our selection of bucket covers and buckets.

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Designed to hook over doors and fits the majority of buckets. Perfect for horses who knock their feed over.
Product Code ST/GAP
Attach to your stable wall with simple brackets (not included), with its flat back sitting flush against the surface. The galvanised finish offers protection from the elements.Height 21cm, Width 35cm,...
Product Code ST/GAL
Fitted with hangers for use in horseboxes, stable doors or fences etc.
Product Code ST/POBH
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Stables and yards use buckets for everything from feeding and cleaning to transporting and storing. However, what some owners neglect to invest in is a bucket holder or two, which often results in accidents, misplacement and spillages.

A feed bucket holder is a very simple and affordable piece of stable equipment, yet it can make a huge difference to the daily routine. As with all stable accessories, bucket holders are designed with productivity and safety in mind. Once installed, you can enjoy the peace of mind that all items stored in buckets are securely positioned, as well as removed from potential contamination risks such as mud, dung and vermin.

Your horse’s wellbeing in the stable and yard is also heavily reliant on well-designed buckets, mangers and troughs, making feeding and watering as easy and stress-free as possible.