Saddle Stands and Bridle Racks

Ensure your saddles and bridles remain clean and in top condition with our range of saddle stands and bridle racks. Perfect in preventing dirt, dampness, and accidental damage, it is effective in maintaining your horse’s health and wellbeing while storing and lifting your equipment in a faster and far simpler process.

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Plastic coated steel. Four hooks on a hanger which can be hung over doors and fences. Portable and light. 14" length.
Product Code ST/HARD
A neat one bridle hanger which fits neatly to the tack room wall. Fully supports over head to prevent kinking of leather.
Product Code ST/BRI
Plastic coated, heavy duty tack room fitting headcollar brackets.
Product Code ST/HE
Plastic coated round tube. Folds down when not in use. Stubbyfine coated. Height 28cm, Width 6cm, Depth 46cm, Weight 1.08kg.
Product Code ST/FOL
From £8.99
3 legged saddle stand in lightweight steel with detachable legs for transporting. 24" high
Product Code ST/SST
Wall mounted saddle rack with a built in hinged security clamp to keep saddles secure. Simply clamp saddles in place and padlock the Saddle Minder closed. (Padlock not included.)
Product Code ST/SMD
Tubular steel, plastic coated. Supports all types and sizes of saddles. Screw onto your tack room wall.
Product Code ST/SAD
Plastic coated steel. 4" long. Black or Red.
Product Code ST/GP
Plastic coated rack to hold five bridles. Black one size.
Product Code ST/1028
Three pronged tack hook designed to hang your bridles on, plastic coated steel. 10 inches long.
Product Code ST/PR
Tough construction with bright zinc plated brackets and Black Stubbyfine coated arms and two wall brackets.
Product Code ST/TRIP
Strongly constructed from plastic coated steel, with detachable legs for easy transportation and storage.32"high
Product Code ST/CSS
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By adding a saddle rack or saddle stand to your stable, you can ensure that the saddle remains clean and in top condition. This is important because yours and your horse's comfort are major contributors to a smooth and enjoyable ride. Using a saddle rack prevents dirt, damp and accidental damage, as well as organising your stable space more effectively.

Saddle racks are a no-nonsense piece of equipment that should be found wherever horses are kept. The same goes for bridle racks and bridle stands, keeping the bridle away from dirty areas, which is especially important for your horse’s oral hygiene.

When used with rug rails and racks, you can rest assured that you’re keeping your equestrian friend's health and wellbeing your top priority, while finding and lifting equipment will become a far simpler and faster process, making your life easier too.