Poultice Boots & Cold Wraps

Maintain your horse’s hoofs with our selection of poultice boots & cold wraps. Designed to decrease swelling and boost blood circulation, choose from a range of styles and colours designed to help your horse remain fit and healthy. For extra leg protection Brushing Boots and Bandages offer good support.

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Cavallo is one of the most popular hoof boots in the world. Cavallo boots are the best economical alternative to metal shoes. Simple Boots are simple to size and simple to fit, shaped to fit the natur...
Product Code HBOO/CSB
Simple to put on and remove, stays securely on hoof. Durable construction: rust proof metal waterproof thread and high performance TPU outsole. Absorbs shock and concussion. Suitable for all terrain. ...
Product Code HBOO/CTR
The Easyboot Epic is the next step up from the original Easyboot, and one of the most popular boots in the Easycare range. The Epic is ideal for the barefoot horse, and more suited to rigorous conditi...
Product Code HBOO/EPIC
Assist healing and relieve pain of tendon problems, splints, arthritis, Navicular disease, knocks and bumps, cuts and scars, bone chips and fractures. The outer is PU coated Nylon which is breathable,...
Product Code HBOO/MGT
Disposable canvas poultice boot with durable base and quick closure fitting. Colour: Assorted Sizes: Small, Medium or Large
Product Code HBOO/DPB
ICE-VIBE is set at the optimum settings for different treatments.Level 1 - Treatment of soreness & swelling. Use with or without cold pack.Level 2 - Boosts circulation with or without cold pack. Can b...
Product Code HBOO/IVB
Spare Ice pack to be used with the Horsewear Ice Vibe Boot.ICE VIBE CIRCULATION THERAPY by Horseware
Product Code HBOO/IVS
From £12.00
These therapeutic boots can be used hot or cold to treat injury and speed up recovery after strenuous exercise, minimize swelling and inflammation, relieve pain, relax tight muscles, encourage blood f...
Product Code HBOO/2005
Versatile therapeutic boot for the lower leg to treat ligaments and tendons. Use hot or cold to assist with speeding up recovery after strenuous exercise or injury, reduces swelling, encourages blood ...
Product Code HBOO/2006
The shape and movement of the hock makes hock problems some of the most difficult to treat. In response to the need for an effective hock treatment, ICE-VIBE have developed ICE-VIBE Hock: comfortable ...
Product Code HBOO/IVH
Available in Hock or Knee.For use with the Horseware Ice Vibe Hock Wrap or the Horseware Ice Vibe Knee WrapWhy not keep your ice packs cool with the Horseware Ice Vibe Cool Bag?
Product Code HBOO/IVS2
From £18.00
Many horses suffer from knee problems as a result of bad confirmation, competition or just old age. Treating knees can be both expensive and unsuccessful. ICE-VIBE has developed ICE-VIBE Knee: boots t...
Product Code HBOO/IVK
A must have for keeping your cold packs cold for those long days away from home. This super thermal bag holds up to 4 cold packs at any one time. It will keep your cold packs at the correct temperatur...
Product Code BG/IV
Introducing our new Rambo Ionic Therapy technology. Achieve peak performance with Rambo Ionic supportive wraps, combining the benefits of compression and negative ion therapy: Negative ions for positi...
Product Code HBOO/NCB
Equi Cool Down’s product range utilizes advanced multi-fibre weave textile technology combined with a natural plant extract and water to create clever, instant cooling relief for horse and rider. Init...
Product Code BA/QLG
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It’s important to ensure your horse has the boots he needs to remain fit and healthy for as long as possible. Here at Ride-away we stock a variety of horse boots and wraps to help you look after your horse as best as you can.

Maintaining the hoofs of your horse is vital especially if you wish to ride him. It's therefore vital to invest in a set of poultice boots to protect the hoof and/or hold medication around a wound there – likewise, trail boots are also incredibly useful. However, if your horse has severely injured his leg or hoof, you should use an ice boot on the pained area – with two levels to choose from you can ensure the swelling decreases and boost blood circulation in one easy step.

Keeping your horse fit and healthy is incredibly important and that’s why you should always have plenty of wraps in your first aid kit along with a pair of over reach boots nearby. From a hock wrap to a knee wrap, we have it all under one roof here at Ride-away. Choose your horse supplies today and give your four legged friend the love and care he deserves.