Breaking Bits

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This Shires Mouthing Breaking Bit with Players is perfect for young horses. Commonly used for breaking horses.Sizes: 4.5", 5", 5.5".
Product Code B/565
The Shires Sweet Iron Copper Tom Thumb - The sweet iron and copper combination in this bit help to promote salivation and encourage softening. This bit does have a lever action. Sizes: 4.5", 5", 5.5"....
Product Code B/507
Jeffries Sealtex Latex Bandage for bit wrapping.
Product Code BA/LAT
The Shires Training Bit has a brass alloy mouthpiece to help the horse soften. 14MM
Product Code B/616
The Shires Training Bit with Brass Alloy helps encourage the horse to soften, and has a thick mouthpiece which is mild on the horse’s mouth. With French Link.
Product Code B/629
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Breaking a young horse in can be a real challenge and that’s why here at Ride-away you will find a huge range of breaking bits on offer. Our wide selection offers everything you need from horse breaking bits to equipment aimed at helping you introduce your animal to wearing a bit and bridle. A well-made, reliable specialist bit is vital in order to introduce your horse to the object, so be sure to choose yours carefully.

Quality is all important when it comes to horse bits and especially those used for breaking in a young horse. Our selection therefore offers horse equipment from all the leading brands so that you can relax knowing that you’re getting the highest quality horse products.

From breaking in your horse to riding an experienced animal at an event or competition, buying the right bit to communicate with your horse is essential. Alternatively, choose from our excellent selection of Weymouths and Bradoons to find just what you need for your horse.