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Korsteel Stainless Steel Rugby Pelham.
Product Code B/GBY
Korsteel Jointed Pelham.
Product Code B/JNT
cottage craft.jpg
The Cottage Craft Jointed Mouth Pelham is stainless Steel with a jointed mouth and a curb chain.
Product Code B/JOI
cottage craft.jpg
The most usual of all the Pelhams, the Cottage Craft Mullen Mouth Pelham is a kind, but strong bit, with a plain mullen mouth that if properly used is useful on short mouthed horses.  If a single rein...
Product Code B/MUP
The Korsteel Pelham Hard Rubber is a mullen mouth style bit with hard rubber over a wire cable core. Comes with curb chain.
Product Code B/HAR
The Shires Double Jointed Sweet Iron Pelham - To assist in the normal Pelham control method, but with less nutcracker action due to the jointed mouth piece. The copper and sweet iron encourages the ho...
Product Code B/523
The Sprenger Pelham Converter is an easy-to-use bit converter made of nautical grade nylon rope and leather. The rope portion loops around the bottom ring of the Pelham bit and the leather tab attache...
Product Code B/PBC
Jeffries Sealtex Latex Bandage for bit wrapping.
Product Code BA/LAT
Korsteel Flexi Jointed Pelham Bit Please note this product comes directly from the supplier so may come separately to any other items you may have ordered.
Product Code B/FJPB
Showing products 1 to 9 of 9

Take a look at our impressive selection of horse bits that are sure to meet your riding needs. We stock the ever popular pelham bit, which combines the functions of a snaffle bit with a curb bit and is perfect for jumping activities.

All horse products from Ride-way are from reputable brands including Shires, Zilco and Cottage Craft so you can be sure of the highest quality. Our bits are made from the best materials including sweet iron and steel. Meanwhile, the rubber pelham bit is built on the Mullen style and also comes complete with a curb chain for that added benefit.

However, if you’re in the process of training a young horse, don’t panic, you will find a fantastic choice of Breaking bits right here. These are available in a wide range of sizes and metals and are vital tools for anyone training a young animal. Get everything you need to ensure your horse is happy and healthy at Ride-away today.