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Korsteel Stainless Steel Bit Set.
Product Code B/MMF
The Jeffries Centre Revolver Full Cheek assists in accepting a softer contact.
Product Code B/REVF
cottage craft.jpg
The Cottage Craft Chifney Anit Rear Bit - A colt leading bit designed to prevent a young horse rearing while being lead in hand. It is clipped onto the three D's of the headcollar, and the U shaped mo...
Product Code B/CHI
cottage craft.jpg
The Cottage Craft Liverpool Driving Bit - A straight, twisted bar mouth curb bit with circular cheek, and slotted arms. The mouthpeice slides within the circle of the upper cheek, giving some movement...
Product Code B/LIV
cottage craft.jpg
The Cottage Crafe Uxeter Kimblewick - Similar to the true Kimblewick with a Cambridge mouth, but instead of plain wire D's on the cheek, it has flat ones with slots. The object being to give a fixed r...
Product Code B/UX
The Mark Todd English Hackamore - Hackamores are ideal for use on sensitive or difficult horses and work by applying pressure on the nose, jaw and poll.
Product Code B/HAC
Rubber Bit Guards are designed to stop the bit pinching.
Product Code SMS/RUBG
The Shires Waterford bit is composed of many different links making it hard for the horse to pull against and lean on. It is a severe bit. Sizes: 5" and 5.5".
Product Code B/549
Jeffries Sealtex Latex Bandage for bit wrapping.
Product Code BA/LAT
Available in Cob or Full Size
Product Code B/DUCH
Available in 5 or 5.5"
Product Code B/DBF
This bit works by putting pressure on the poll and the tongue. Attaching the reins to the lower rings will increase severity. Should be used with care.4.5”, 5” or 5.5”
Product Code B/6318
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Take care of your horse’s needs with the range of horse bits available from Ride-away. From rubber horse bits to horse products from a wide range of reputable brands, you’ll find a wide selection of high quality, beautifully finished different horse bits that your equestrian friend will love.

Choose from the Mark Todd English Hackamore and the Shires horseshoe stallion bradoon and ensure your horse has only the best. Whether you and your horse-friend simply prefer to hack or enjoy the odd competition, you’ll find our bits to be extremely beneficial when it comes to the level of communication between you both. Meanwhile, if you’re suffering from problems with a rearing colt, why not invest in a Cottage Craft anti rear bit that’s been specifically designed to control your horse in times of need.

Having the right horse equipment is part and parcel of owning a horse and enjoying the entire riding experience. While it’s essential to get your hands on the right saddles and bridles it’s also vital to look after your horse’s health. Here at Ride-away you will find a complete section on horse hoof care because we understand just how important this is to your horse’s well-being. Find everything you need to keep your horse happy and healthy today.