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Boost your horse’s health and increase their performance with our range of performance supplements. Whether you are looking to increase your horse’s speed, boost flexibility or want to improve their show jumping skills, our selection of joint and Calming Supplements can enhance your horse’s well-being while providing additional nutrient benefits.

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NAF’s veterinary and nutritional specialists have developed vitaFerrin as an appropriate and effective nutritional solution to help optimise horses’ performance levels. vitaFerrin is iron rich and for...
Product Code SUP/VF
From £12.95
A blend of minerals, iron, spices, trace elements and B12, this supplement has a tangy taste which encourages horses to eat up. Developed for year-round use, it is particularly useful at coatchanging ...
Product Code SUP/KO
From £9.00
'Likit' , a tasty purpose made treat. Can be added to the Boredom Breaker for the ultimate stable toy/treat. Apple, Carrot, Natural, Banana, Cherry, Garlic, Mint, Sport, Gingerbread, Candy Cane or Cin...
Product Code SUP/LIK
From £2.75
Pure & 100% Natural, mined from the Himalayan Mountains. Durable in all temperatures and will not crumble when damp. For cattle, sheep or horses. Fits boredom breaker and likit holders.
Product Code SUP/ICE
Refills for Tongue Twister. Available in Apple, Mint, Garlic, Honey & Chamomile, Salt, Banana, Natural, Cherry, Carrot and Sport.Sold individually.
Product Code SUP/LIT
A handy means of supplying salt and essential minerals. For use with Boredom Breaker and Likit Holder. A more convenient and fun way of offering free choice Salt to your horse or Pony.
Product Code SUP/SAL
A pack offering five of the most popular flavours, 2 x Apple, 1 x Banana, 1 x Carrot, 1 x Cherry. Can be used with the Boredom Breaker or Tongue Twister
Product Code SUP/MPK
Now available in multipacks offering a selection of the most popular flavours. Can be added to the Boredom Breaker1 x apple 1 x banana & 1 x cherry.
Product Code SUP/MPL
When horses work, or during hot weather, they regulate their body temperature by sweating. Sweating not only loses fluid as it evaporates, but also essential body salts, particularly sodium, potassium...
Product Code SUP/ELE
From £18.00
A palatable and efficient means of supplying vitamins and minerals. Contains garlic to repel flies and keep airways clear, Biotin, Methionine and Zinc for hooves, Omega 3 oils for healthy coat and joi...
Product Code SUP/PDL
A vitamin and mineral liquid supplement. Rich in chelated iron. Potent reliable and homogenised for maximum performance. 3.7 LITRE. RED CELL PUMP
Product Code SUP/RED
To be used with Red Cell
Product Code SUP/PUMP
Restore-Lyte is designed to assist with the rapid replacement of ion salts lost through sweating during exercise or very hot conditions. Totally soluble in water Restore-Lyte also contains a carbohydr...
Product Code SUP/REST
From £14.00
Electrolytes in syringe gel. 3 x 35g syringes.Restore-Lyte is designed to assist with the rapid replacement of ion salts lost through sweating during exercise or very hot conditions. Totally soluble i...
Product Code SUP/RES
Selenavite E is recognised as a comprehensive and effective all-round quality horse & pony feed supplement. Selenavite E is a balanced supplement which provides some 22 micronutrients including trace ...
Product Code SUP/SEE
From £9.00
Super Codlivine Supplement 2.5KG is a naturally balanced cod liver oil supplement. 36 day supply.
Product Code SUP/COD
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Enhance the health of your horse by choosing from the extensive collection of horse performance supplements readily available at Ride-away. Because we know how important the health of your horse is, we have a complete range of the very best performance supplements that are manufactured by a number of trusted brands.

From NAF to Likits and Red Cell supplements, we have a huge range of performance supplements. Our supplements for horses are guaranteed to provide the correct nutritional support to enhance the performance of your horse, boosting his health and wellbeing all at once.

If your horse is known to have a few problems with his joints from time to time, take a look at our choice of Joint Supplements . We have a number of supplements designed with the joints in mind, that are designed to address the toxin build up around the joint in question. Give your horse the care and attention he deserves and shop at Ride-away for all your horse supplements today.