Hoof Care

Show your horse a bit of tender loving care with our range of hoof oils, Supplements and ointments. Whether you’re Preparing for a show or want to use for general purposes, ensure that your horse’s hooves are looked after and in tip top condition for a more comfortable ride.

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Maintains moisture balance and prevents cracks. Unique formulation of nine therapeutic ingredients. Antibacterial and antifungal to help prevent infection.
Product Code HC/HOOX
This unique formula dries in under a minute to leave a mirror-like finish.
Product Code HC/SUPS
Barrier Animal Healthcare. Made from only high grade natural and essential oils that are known to possess natural antibacterial and antifungal properties. For cracked heels, regular use helps both as ...
Product Code HC/HE
Maintains optimum hoof condition and aids re-structuring of the hoof Also aids re-growth of hair after rubs or scarring Apply to clean hooves, by hand, rubbing in well around the coronet band and into...
Product Code HC/CORN
From £12.00
Water-based formulation for moisture replacement in dry and brittle hooves. Locks in precious moisture, avoiding over-drying and therefore maintaining optimum hoof moisture. Helps reduce cracks, split...
Product Code HC/CORNT
A real treat for hooves - rich and clear for ultimate shine on all hoof colours. Contains the magic of tea tree oil for invaluable anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties. Even has a handy brush ins...
Product Code HC/TEA
Particularly effective remedy for dry hooves. Quickly absorbed and with a special blend of vegetable and oil compounds it protects and nourishes hooves.500ml, 1 litre, 5 litre.
Product Code HC/HOCD
From £6.00
Protects against split hooves and assists elasticity under stress. The ointment kills off bacteria and helps prevent split heels and other hoof conditions.Available in Black or Green. 500ml, 1 litre o...
Product Code HC/HOOI
From £9.00
Anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties, protecting against diseases of the hoof. Use all year round to maximise protection.
Product Code HC/FR
From £8.50
An all year round hoof dressing which protects the whole hoof capsule against the effects of water and urine. Protects hooves from absorbing excess water. Resists ammonia in bedding. Disinfects hooves...
Product Code HC/KEG
An easily applied soft filler for excision cavities in the sole following the removal of abscesses and for separation cavities under the hoof wall. Slow release disinfectant keeps underlying tissue he...
Product Code HC/KE
A special waterproofing and disinfecting powder for horse's legs. Stop skin from softening so that mud particles are unable to enter the skin pores and hair follicles. A complete protection for sensit...
Product Code HHC/KEM
A blend of pure natural oils, from avocado,jojoba, sesame and calendula. Deep penetrating natural oils help hoof elasticity and flexibility of coronary bands. Maintains moisture for a long lasting shi...
Product Code HC/HOLE
Formulated from the finest natural oils and greases available and contains a high percentage of stockholme tar. Enhances the appearance and helps to condition the hoof.
Product Code HC/LIHO
From £6.00
A plastic screw neck container with brush applicator. Ideal for Hoof Oil or Leather Dressing. The cap acts as a drip tray so the brush can be used upside down without any mess
Product Code HC/CAN
Formulated from the finest natural oils and greases available and contains a high pencentage of stockholm tar. Enhances the appearance and helps to condition the hoof. A convenient mathod of applying ...
Product Code HC/LISO
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Give your horse the tender loving care he deserves by ensuring his hooves are in tip top condition. Here at Ride-away you will find a number of hoof supplements that are sure to keep your horse’s hooves comfortable and healthy.

If you’re in need of hoof dressing for your horse, look no further, because we have a number of products that will be just what you’re looking for. Our hoof oil is perfect for preventing any cracks or splits, so your horse can continue galloping comfortably. We stock hoof dressing too, which is just what you need if your equestrian friend is showing signs of difficulties in the hooves department.

While hoof trimming is important, we recommend that you ensure you have NAF Pro Feet readily available for your horse. NAF Pro Feet is brilliant for boosting the health of your horse’s hooves and making him as comfortable as possible. Get everything you need for optimum hoof health here at Ride-away.