Rug Accessories

To accompany your stable rug or turn out rug, we have a number of Rug Accessories to ensure you have everything covered for your horse. We stock items such as Repair Kits to help maintain and fix any tarnished rugs. A happy rug makes a happy horse.

Are you looking for the perfect horse rug accessories to make your riding as comfortable, safe and enjoyable as possible? Then look no further than the great collection available right here at Ride-away. We know that maintenance is essential to keeping equestrian products in top condition and that's why we stock key care products and accessories.

Our horse tail guards offer vital protection to a delicate area while a horse rug wash bag will ensure that you always have everything you need to keep your horse rugs and blankets spick and span. You can even find vital saddle accessories such as surcingles to help fix your horse rugs in place.For general maintenance, grab one of our horse rug repair kits and don't forget to take a look at fillet strings to make sure you are never caught short if some of your older equipment is in need of replacing or upgrading.