Seat Savers

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For anyone who likes to be really comfortable in the saddle, these wool seat savers are superbly shaped, fit securely and are easy to take on and off. One Size fits up to 17.5" and XL fits 18".
Product Code SS/NU
Not only improves comfort levels but also the rider’s position. It is made from slow recovery foam which absorbs movement and moulds to the shape of the rider. On the outside, high quality hardwearing...
Product Code SS/MO
Transform an uncomfortable saddle into a luxury ride. Unbeatable during schooling or bottom-numbing fitness work, this quick to fit pad reduces painful pressure on the seat bones. Machine washable. Dr...
Product Code SS/PR
100% Merino Sheepskin, dry, breathable, wick away allowing circulation of air through its fibres. Hard wearing and easy to care for.
Product Code SS/RM
Provides added comfort when riding and protects the seat of the saddle.
Product Code SS/HYF
One of the most comfortable seat savers you can buy, and perfect if you are spending long hours in the saddle - or just want to feel more comfy when riding. Made using top quality British wool with a ...
Product Code SS/SS02S
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Do you spend a lot of time in the saddle of your horse? Well that doesn’t mean you can’t be comfortable! Here at Ride-away we stock a huge range of seat savers to provide you with maximum comfort, ensuring you enjoy every moment you’re riding your horse. From Prolite to Heather Moffett; you’ll find some of the best brands on the market here at Ride-away.

If you’re looking for the perfect saddle seat saver, why not opt for our stunning sheepskin seat saver? Ideal for anyone who likes to be comfortable during riding, while also promising to protect your horse's saddle from wear and tear. These superbly shaped seat savers are designed not only for comfort but also for ease of use, meaning you can fit securely in the snap of a finger and remove just as easily.

While you’re checking out our fantastic range of seat savers, why not get your hands on one of our fantastic velvet browbands? Made from real leather, we stock every colour from a contemporary brown to a bright purple, so you can find the perfect one to suit your horses’ personality. Get your horse equipment from Ride-away now and order online today!