Don’t skip out on one of the most important aspects of horse riding. From reins to saddle covers and panniers, shop our wide collection of horse saddlery. Full of some of the most reputable brands including Shires, Bates and more, improve the quality of your ride and the level of comfort for your horse

Ensure you’re riding your horse with everything you need to make him as comfortable as possible. Here at Ride-away we are the ultimate saddlery shop, providing just about everything you could need for a happy life with with your horse.

From reins to stirrup leathers, there is plenty to choose from at Ride-away. One of the most important accessories you need are stirrup leathers, whether you want real leather or not you’ll find it in our exceptional collection – full of some of the most reputable brands including Shires, Bates and Stubben. If you do opt for real leather in any of your saddlery accessories, be sure to purchase plenty of leather care to preservet the quality and protect the material, as well as improve the level of comfort for the horse.

Saddlery is an important part of horse riding and therefore it’s vital you have all the equipment you need; from bridles to martingales. However, if you’re an inexperienced rider and you’re unsure of what you need, give us a call today and speak to one of our experts.