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Finding the right stirrup leather can make a whole lot of difference to you and your horse. At Ride-Away we stock a variety ideal for training and dressage. With high quality brands such as Jeffries and Shires, you don’t need to look any further. Check out our other products such as our range of girths.

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Designed primarily with children in mind, these safety stirrups have a thick rubber band which will detach easily if required for greater safety. Made from stainless steel with a high quality finish. ...
Product Code I/676C
Otherwise known as the Australian simplex, these bent leg stirrup irons have been designed to prevent the foot becoming caught in the stirrup in the event of a fall. (Irons should be chosen according...
Product Code I/688
Tough durable Nylon body, soft polymer grip. With optional rubber and grater grips included to allow the rider to choose which they prefer, ergonomic design and flexi sides allows the rider to positi...
Product Code I/AGF
High quality leathers with stainless steel fittings.
Product Code SLE/CLTN
In 1998 Sprenger improved the stirrups flexibility by extending the joint with an additional link. The System 4 relieves hips, knees and ankles during riding and particularly spares ligaments and meni...
Product Code I/SYS4
Bow Balance form a perfect fit, superb strength and enchanced security, pivoting into 4 directions simultaneosly. Maxiumum comfort, tread with two types of rubber hardness for a better grip. Softens t...
Product Code I/BOW
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Spare ring and clip for Safety peacock stirrups.
Product Code SMS/SP
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Sizes available are 4 1/4", 4 1/2", 4 3/4" and 5".
Product Code I/1886
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Stainless Steel bent leg safety stirrups 3.75", 4", 4.25", 4.5"
Product Code I/1882
Available online only. Bates stirrup leathers are elegant, high quality leathers, made in luxurious Bates leather to perfectly match your Bates saddle. The riveted buckle design reduces the thickness...
Product Code SLE/BAT
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3.75", 4", 4.25", 4.5", 4.75", 5". With treads. Suitable for dressage and jumping.
Product Code I/1881
1 X 54" (ladies standard length). 1 1/8" x 54" (gents standard length). 1 x 60" (ladies long). 1 1/8" x 60"(gents long).The top of the Jeffries' range using the best selection of leather with bevelled...
Product Code SLE/SU
From £69.00
With glass-fibre reinforcement, the swivel sole of the REFLEX stirrup is positioned on a shock-absorbent layer to relieve tension from knees and joints. The slender profile has been designed for quick...
Product Code I/691
7/8" x 48" or 1" x 48"Good stirrup leathers offering Jeffries excellent standards of craftsmanship and materials, 2 row double hand-stitched. Maximum weight limit of 45kg.
Product Code SLE/YO
From £35.00
Easy to clean synthetic stirrup leathers to match the kincade saddles. Sizes 47"or 54". Black.
Product Code SLE/SYN
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The Mark Todd Stirrup Leathers are made from fine quality English leather and bonded with a non stretch nylon core, the stirrup leathers have numbered holes. 145cm (57"). Colour: Black
Product Code SLE/MTL
From £32.80
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Here at Ride-away you will find a huge collection of the very best stirrup leathers that are ideal for both you and your horse during training and events.

If you’re on the lookout for the ideal dressage stirrup leathers then you won’t be disappointed with what we have to offer. Our Wintec stirrup leathers have proved to be exceptionally popular as they are synthetic leather, making them the perfect addition to just about any Wintec saddle. Meanwhile, if you’re in need of something with a little additional strength, look no further than our Shires stirrup leathers; made from the very best hides, they are reinforced with nylon web for extra power.

Our Kincade stirrup leathers are popular among those on the look-out for an easy to clean option. Made from synthetic leather, these are available in a choice of sizes, meaning you can find the perfect fit for your horse. Here at Ride-away we pride ourselves in our huge range of equestrian favourites including over girths. Find just what you need today.