Gullet Bars

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Quick and easy way of adjusting the width of a saddle. One gullet complete with fittings. Colour coded to size. Allows on the spot adjusting of the saddle to fit correctly over the horses withers. Wil...
Product Code SYGP/GUL
Available in Wide, medium/wide, medium/narrow or narrow. To fit in the quick switch saddles KINCADE REDI RIDE QUICK SWITCH ALL PURPOSE SADDLE
Product Code SYGP/QS
If your horse is wider than the gullet bar width provided with the saddle then choose the next width of bar to suit your saddle. To go with the GP and Hi Wither GP. Narrow Medium, Medium, Medium Wide,...
Product Code SYGP/GBR
If your horse is wider than the gullet bar width provided with the saddle then choose the next width of bar to suit your saddle.For the cob gp. Narrow Medium, Medium, Medium Wide, Wide, Wide/X Wide, X...
Product Code SYGP/XGBR
Used to calculate the width for all Bates and Wintec saddles. Use when purchasing a new saddle, or to monitor a horse's changing shape. Fully refundable on return after a saddle purchase.
Product Code SYGP/EA
To be used with Bates Wide All Purpose Cair Saddle and Bates New Wide Dressage Cair SaddleAvailable in 1xw, 2xw, 3xw or 4xw.
Product Code SYGP/WBG
Gullet plates are available to purchase individually or in the complete set of four. Sizes available are 1XW, 2XW (fitted as standard in new models), 3XW, 4XW.
Product Code SYGP/GST
Contains a total of 10 pairs of risers and the locating tool. Risers are available in front, centre and rear pairs with four different thicknesses for the front and rear pairs and two thicknesses for ...
Product Code SDGP/ECR
john whitaker.jpg
For use with the Ripponden Saddle. Introducing the new Whitaker Interchangeable Size Bar System! 5 size bars allow you to change the width of your saddle with ease. This simple system uses an easy a...
Product Code SYGP/JWCB
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Whether you’re on the look-out for gullet bars or saddles you’ll find everything you need right here at Ride-away. With our huge range of items from high quality, reputable brands you’ll be spoilt for choice.

Gullet plates are incredibly important when it comes to riding a horse and shouldn’t be overlooked. Our range of plates from GFS Monarch are simple to alter as each plate comes with full fitting instructions – you can also choose the colour you prefer, from green all the way to salmon pink! Ensuring you have the perfect gullet system for you and your horse is essential to riding safely.

Finding the perfect saddle gauge and knee blocks is also important when preparing to ride your horse, for maximum comfort while riding and ensuring you are as secure as possible on the saddle. These pieces of equipment should be put into place if you and your horse will be jumping or involved in shows as it’s crucial that you both move together in unison. Enjoy riding your horse and choose from the very best products at Ride-away today.