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If you are competing regularly it is important that you have the essential horse riding body protector to stay safe. Our range includes air jackets that distribute pressure and absorb shock when triggered and our flexible, lightweight body protectors provide a slim line style. Find your favourite brand from Airowear, Champion and Racesafe body protectors today.

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Extremely popular among young riders, this protector is as stylish as it is protective. It’s soft, flexible, easy to fit and provides room for growth. What’s more, its Ultraflex™ technology means it g...
Product Code BPCE/YOT
From £105.00
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The Point Two Soft Shell is identical to any other soft shell used for show jumping, schooling or hacking out but with one major difference – it has a fully integrated Point Two ProAir2 airbag and tri...
Product Code BPCE/PTS
From £369.00
A classic, lightweight body protector incorporating flexible design, freedom of movement and a stylish edge, created specifi cally for male riders. Built with Ultrafl ex™ technology, ultra-slim shock ...
Product Code BPCE/OYM
From £90.00
These extremely lightweight shoulder pads provide subtle but effective protection to the shoulder blades, moulding to your shape for extra comfort. Designed to fit Reiver 010 and Outlyne models, these...
Product Code BPS/OY
From £45.00
Available in a vast range of sizes, this comfortable, tailored body protector is designed to flatter with darts at the bust and Ultrafl ex™ technology. Full torso coverage with a svelte appearance. Co...
Product Code BPCE/OY
From £165.00
Racesafe’s latest body protector, the PROVENT 3.0, launches a new generation of lightweight, flexible & breathable protection. Allowing riders of every level the freedom the perform. Maximum Protect...
Product Code BPCE/HRPR
From £132.00
The Flexair comes with an elasticated belt with centre release plastic buckle for extra security and ease of use.
Product Code BPCE/FX
From £50.00
Developed to offer the most lightweight design at the highest levels of European-standard protection, these shoulder pads also incorporate a convenient medical card holder. Designed with hinged sectio...
Product Code BPS/RS10
A classic tabard body protector with adjustable waist and shoulder fastenings, available in a wide range of sizes and back lengths. Also features a removable cover for ease of washing. Conforms to EN1...
Product Code BPCE/RE10
From £75.00
A high spec body protector with independently hinged foam sections for total comfort and freedom of movement. Also featuring physical restraint on the side adjusters to prevent over-adjustment, this d...
Product Code BPCE/RS10
From £125.00
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As well as the obvious protection from shock absorption, the jacket distributes pressure and above all, effectively supports the spinal column so that the neck and trunk have limited movement. For you...
Product Code BPCE/PT
From £309.00
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Replacement or extra canister that fits your air jackets.Please tell us below what jacket type the canister is for. Sold individuallyPlease note, the fitting for the canisters have recently changed in...
Product Code BPS/60C
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The lanyard attaches the riders jacket and to the the nylon stirrup straps. Available in the old style ball fitting or the new style trigger fitting.
Product Code BPS/BL
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As well as the obvious protection from shock absorption, the jacket distributes pressure and above all, effectively supports the spinal column so that the neck and trunk have limited movement. For you...
Product Code BPCE/PCC
The first body protector dedicated to teenage riders features a supreme fit for boys and girls. Tailored, flexible and lightweight, it also boasts UltraFlex™ technology and separate chest, waist and z...
Product Code BPCE/OYT
From £119.00
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Useful if you wish to use on more than one saddle.
Product Code BPS/SSA
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An essential part of equestrian safety equipment, a horse riding body protector will help to prevent injury in case of a fall or accident. An invaluable piece of riding wear, Ride-away body protectors are designed to be supportive, comfortable, reliable and hardwearing.

Whether you’re looking for higher levels of back support or simply want to keep your child safe when they’re on horseback, there’s guaranteed to be a protector to suit your needs. Combine your protector with a piece from our range of velvet riding hats and vent hats to create a comprehensive horse riding safety kit. As everyone’s needs are different, Ride-away stock a variety of protectors, from models with built in shoulder pads to designs with added neck support.

To ensure your new equestrian body protector fits perfectly, Ride-away stock sizes specially designed for children, teens and adults. Once you’ve found the protector that suits you best, enhance it with a few accessories from our range. From jackets and coats to shirts and ties, we’ve got everything you need to create an outfit that’s not only safe but that looks good too. Have a look around the shop today to find out more.