Schooling and Training

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Riding in perfect balance with the lightest application of aids is something most riders strive to achieve. But without the help of an instructor by your side at all times, it is easy for bad habits t...
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No matter how experienced a rider you are, you will always want to jump better. From being a complete beginner to competing at the highest level, there is always more to improve, and for jumping gridw...
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This book is written by two of the most respected trainers, Christopher and Victoria Coldrey. The book is fully illustrated with photographs and explanatory line-drawing. Buying and Reschooling Ex...
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Using the methods practised so successfully on her Intelligent Horsemanship courses, Kelly Marks helps the reader to overcome two of the most common problems encountered by horse and pony owners.In t...
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Kelly Marks achieves spectacular results with an enormous variety of different horses. She knows that if you want a horse to have perfect manners, its your responsibility to make it clear what you wan...
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An effective education from foal to fully grown. This practical guide is full of sound advice and would be a good starting point for someone considering taking on a youngster. Give a young horse the b...
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Does the rider really always have to be "dominant? over the horse? Do we need dominance training? In this book, behavioural biologist Marlitt Wendt debunks the widely-held and incorrect belief in the ...
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Packed with specially taken colour photographs, this book provides detailed training advice for the show jumping horse and rider, whether starting from scratch or wishing to compete at higher levels. ...
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This book discusses ground-pole training for all disciplines and shows how you can make the most of precious schooling time. It provides quick and easy pole layouts, using just a handful of poles. Dif...
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A fantastic resource for any keen equestrian or aspiring trainer out there, the Ride-away collection of informative training books has been carefully selected for its quality and educational value. Part of our collection of fascinating horse books, a title from our selection of educational books would make a great gift for the equestrian enthusiast in your life.

From basic training tips to more advanced jumping, dressage and schooling guides, you’ll find everything you need to become a better rider and horse owner in our books collection.

Once you’ve read your way through our library of educational books, we have a fantastic selection of autobiographies, children's books as well as health and veterinary guides for you to explore too. Find out more about our extensive collection of books or browse our fantastic choice of equestrian clothing and accessories online with us today and get everything you need to become a better rider.