Getting the right fit is important to a good performance

To ensure your sports bra gives you the best support, here are some tips

The Underband

The band around the chest should be level front and back. It needs to be comfortable but firm.

A good gauge to ensure that the underband fits well is being able to fit two fingers between

the underband and your skin. Any more space and the band is too big and could cause friction.


· The underband is firm and level the whole way round. .

· There should only be a one to two inch give. Ensure the band is neither too loose nor too tight

· If the underband rides up at the back then the band is too big.

The Cups

The cup should contain the whole of the breast, with no creases and no cleavage on show.


· Each breast is full contained

· If the breasts are squashed or cleavage is on show, the cup size is probably too small.

· If the fabric is gaping or wrinkling then this suggests the cup size is too big.

The Shoulder Straps

Sports bras come in different styles, usually a traditional U Back or Racer Back. The straps should be

adjusted to fit securely on the shoulders with only one to two inch give.


· If you slide two fingers between the strap and the skin, there should have only a one to two inch give.

· If straps are digging into the shoulders, loosen them until the perfect fit is achieved.

· If straps fall off shoulders, tighten them so that they fit securely on the shoulders.

Do the bounce test! Jump up and down to check that you feel supported and secure.