Gift vouchers

Gift vouchers make great presents or prizes. You will never disappoint a friend or relative by letting them choose their own gift from our huge selection of equestrian products. Plus it solves that last minute problem when you don’t have the time to pop out to the shops.

Now you can buy gift vouchers from Ride-away which can be redeemed on-line, over the phone, or in store.

How to us your gift voucher

  • Simply scratch off the silver foil to reveal the security code and enter this number on line or quote over the phone when making your order.
  • Use gift vouchers as part or full payment of your total bill
  • If you make an overpayment, the credit will be held for you to use online next time
  • If you wish to spend the voucher in store, do not remove the foil, or the voucher will be invalid.
  • The vouchers are valid for one year.

Standard postage is free if you are purchasing only gift vouchers, and if you wish to upgrade to Express delivery for your vouchers, we will just charge you the difference between the two, £5 (U.K. only).

Let us know if you would like a catalogue enclosing with the vouchers, and if more than one.

You can also chose to order an E-voucher, where we will just email you with a unique voucher code to use on line. (No printed voucher is issued). This is ideal for late presents when you don’t have time to wait for a voucher to be posted. You will receive the voucher code and be able to send this to your friend instantly.

Click on the below image to purchase your vouchers.