Handy online guide for buying a saddle

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If you've started to research saddles online you'll know, all too well, that in addition to saddle seat size, width, material and style, there's an awful lot more to consider. So, if you are having trouble working out what Cair is and why an Easy-Change Gullet System can work for you, read our guide to saddle terminology...

Cair- an air system found on Bates and Wintec saddles where instead of traditional flock, air pockets are used in the saddle. This helps to eliminate pressure points across the horse's back, and also moves with the horse and his muscles during work.

Easy-Change Gullet System- on Bates and Wintec saddles, the Easy-Change Gullet System, enables the horse's owner or saddle fitter to change the width of the saddle's gullet. This means that should the horse change shape or should you change horse, the width of the saddle can be easily adjusted for minimal cost of £20.00 or less.

Flexibloc- an easy to move block on the saddle that allows the rider to reposition these supportive parts to fit their leg position.

X-Change System- this gullet adjustment feature can be found on GFS saddles and allows the horse's owner or a saddle fitter to adjust the width of the saddle, allowing it to accommodate a horse's changing shape or a change of horse.

Y- Girthing System- an adjustable girthing system that allows you to move the position of the girth strap, allowing you to change the position to suit your horse.