How to measure your horse for hoof boots.

The measurement should be taken just after a fresh trim where possible for optimum accuracy.
All hoof boots are designed with a growth tolerance (based on a naturally trimmed horse) built in.
The width is taken at the widest point of the horses hoof and the length is taken to be the weight bearing surface of the hoof.
Do not include the frog/fleshy part of the heel.
It is helpful to hold a straight edge across the back of the botton edge of the heel buttresses and then measure from the toe, bisecting the frog to the line you have formed.
If the horse has a very upright or under run heels, you will need to envisage where the heel should be if the hoof was without pathologies, and take you measurements to that point, and not the actual point of the buttress.
Ideally, the length and width measurement will fit into the same size.

If the length and width measurements indicate different sizes of a particular style, select the larger size or look for an alternative.